In the usa, choosing the wrong pals could result in your death; just ask Anwar al-awlaki. But in Russia, having the right ones could mean the difference between success and failure. Having the right Russian pals will help you land a flight, obtain into school, or even work at the Kremlin. Because of this, some Russians make it a point to meet their fellow expats whenever they visit the us and ensure that their American rivals are aware of what they have to offer.

For instance, British teacher Andrew Byron dating Russia woman made a special effort to give his pen pal Konstantin the full Russian experience when he visited him in Moscow. He actually permit him remain at his room for costless while taking him to museums and the Bolshoi Theater. And it was n’t just a one-off gesture either, as Konstantin frequently hosts Byron when he travels to Moscow and argues that they remain best friends to this day.

Regarding women’s friendships, some of it is comparable to those in other nations, including rivalry ( boyfriend stealing and affairs ), as well as a lot of support and care. Although it occurs somewhere, it may be more obvious in the case of Russians living overseas.

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