The phrase”mail order wife” is more than just a passing fad; it’s an business that gives men the chance to get and wed an international lady, usually through an organization. While some women find their soul mates and live happily ever after, the program wedding with a mail-order bride victimizes others. People who join these organizations are frequently from underdeveloped nations with several economic opportunities, whether they are wealthy, bad, or both. They frequently see marrying an American as their escape from hunger and have little to no chance of finding a spouse at home.

Around 25, 000 women looking for a guy are listed by many agencies along with their titles, photos, and succinct biographies. Numerous websites and services that link American men to overseas girls can be found by conducting a quick online research for “mail purchase brides.” The agencies typically charge a fee to the women to be listed and to get emails from prospective partners. The entire method is cost thousands of dollars, including travel costs, transcription services, gifts, and even the price of a visa for the women to enter the United States. They are also charged if they meet their forthcoming husbands in man.

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Although this is a very lucrative business, there are many injustices for both the people and the men who work in it. This content examines the content of international dating websites in order to demonstrate how the “domestic exotic” is framed within a marriage market that entangles sex, love, and power. This market is just as much about global capitalism and neoliberal social economy as it is about intimate and parental desire.