The Chinese have a very strong relationship focus and believe that the way people treat each other is important. They also have a very high sense of respect and honour, and want to avoid doing things that may make others upset or lose face. The concept of ‘face’ (, f) is so central to their culture that it informs the decisions made in business and government, and guides all of their interactions with each other.

For more than 2,500 ages, Taoist ideals of loyalty and conformity have been profoundly ingrained in Chinese tradition. These are based on the idea that everyone has a specific place in society and is born unequal. These functions serve as the cornerstone of healthful connections, which in turn build strong societies and countries.

Another core value of Confucianism is benevolence (, jiahe). This principle extends beyond family relationships and blood connections to include friendships, colleagues and the wider community. This benevolence is backed up by a set of other key values such as wisdom, courtesy, honesty and self-discipline.

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Chinese cultural beliefs also include a belief that it is a country’s responsibility to protect itself from foreign threats and interference. Chinese date to marry this philosophy stems from the ancient text, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (, Sun Zi Bing Fa >> ), which promotes using political wisdom to achieve military success. It is also based on the philosophical concept of harmony, which emphasises a balanced approach to every situation and recognises that benefitting others brings personal peace.